SSTV evento dal 5 al 8 dicembre 2017 !

Aperto da IW2BSF, Lun 04 Dic, 20:31 2017

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SSTV Slow-Scan TV Transmissions from ISS Scheduled for 5-6 December   !

ARISS has announced that the MAI-75 Slow-Scan (SSTV) system in the Russian Service Module of the International Space Station (ISS) will be on the air

starting on December 5 at around 15:00 UTC and continuing until December 6 at 09:00 UTC,

transmitting test images on 145.800 MHz FM that should be available worldwide.

SSTV activity on December 7 and 8 is scheduled to occur at times when the ISS is above Moscow. In the past images have been sent in PD180 mode, with a 3-minute off time between each image.

73 de IW2BSF - Rudy


Speriamo bene, l'ultima volta non hanno fatto una gran bella figura! :D

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